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Our brands

Established in 1965, FERM is an internationally renowned power tool brand of the Netherlands. Ferm which has all products are designed and tested according to strict European standards; designs and develops high quality of power tools such as saws, drills, sanders and cutter grinders. Today, Ferm products reach more than 50 countries around the world through its regional distributors. Thanks to years of experience and feedback from all distributors, FERM produces and creates specific information about end-user needs and requirements. FERM means, preferring power tools which are reliable and have suitable price.

B.Tech has been manufacturing tools, equipment and materials since 1864 in Nice, France. After a long manufacturing period, a legal group was established in 1965, then became one of the most effective forces in the market for services such as electrical products, technical supply, drills, taps and molds. In 2008, the company defined the needs that would add more value to the end consumer and the global market by adding qualified devices for high standards and lowering manufacturing costs. Then created a brand named ‘B.Tech Tools’ in 2012 with the best factories and production lines. B.Tech has been managed to strengthen its presence in the global market as a new brand with 155 years of knowledge and experience and today, is giving services to 98 countries around the world.

GUNTIM which was first registered brand of Sezgin Güney in 2012, has managed to be an essential player in the group of constructional products. The product range of Sezgin Güney includes products that will touch every area of the construction sector; from plaster files to concrete nails, adzes, gloves, area surrounding wires to raincoats, mold oils to hand trolleys. GUNTIM is developing and growing more day by day in the structure of Sezgin Güney, while it continues to produce manufacture products which require specialization, continues marketing activity aiming the construction site and construction personnel.

The brand PROFF, which was registered in 2014 within Sezgin Güney, It has been quickly accepted and adopted by the industry as the most assertive of products that can be used as consumables in all areas such as paint protection cover, roller cable and box cutter. PROFF is reinforcing its position in the structure of Sezgin Güney as a brand that the professionals of the business can not do without.


First steps of Sezgin Güney brand were taken by my father Fethi Güney at a humble shop located in Bursa Cumhuriyet Street in 1969. The company which was first established to give service in retail industry, holds its place in the sector with quite different story. As a second-generation executive, I took over the management in 1978. We started distribution of wholesale products since then. The role of this decision in the company’s coming to these days is enormous.

We are one of the biggest players in our sector in Turkey and absolute leader in our region.

In our 15.000 square meter indoor store area which we serve in European standards, we continue to give service to our precious customers with more than 8000 type of products, more than 60 qualified employees, more than 30 transport vehicles and with perfect service network all over Turkey especially in villages, towns and cities around Bursa.

As Sezgin Güney Inc. we want you to know that we are in an effort to provide better with safer and better quality to all our customers.

Yours sincerely,