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B-Tech Tools was founded in 1965 and started mass production in Europe in 2006. We manufacturer and distribute Power Tools, Pneumatic Equipment, and Hand Tools. Most of our products come with a lifetime guarantee and we hold 44 registered patents world wide.

All of B.Tech Tools’ products are branded with a special mold.

Established in 1965, FERM is an internationally renowned power tool brand of the Netherlands. Ferm which has all products are designed and tested according to strict European standards; designs and develops high quality of power tools such as saws, drills, sanders and cutter grinders. Today, Ferm products reach more than 50 countries around the world through its regional distributors. Thanks to years of experience and feedback from all distributors, FERM produces and creates specific information about end-user needs and requirements. FERM means, preferring power tools which are reliable and have suitable price.

FERM's FX-Power battery platform consists of versatile power tools with replaceable battery and universal quick charger.

Vonroc, one of the youngest and fastest growing brands in the Netherlands, supplies products for self-employed and garden enthusiasts through the Direct to Consumer (D2C) model. Our motto is "Build Your Future" and this is reflected not only in our products but in everything we do.

Cateye offers different solutions for different areas with a range of advanced technology spray paints for both professionals and everyday users. Cateye, which can be applied indoor and outdoor, provides fast protection and adaptability to weather conditions, colors the world with its wide product range.


First steps of Sezgin Güney brand were taken by my father Fethi Güney at a humble shop located in Bursa Cumhuriyet Street in 1969. The company which was first established to give service in retail industry, holds its place in the sector with quite different story. As a second-generation executive, I took over the management in 1978. We started distribution of wholesale products since then. The role of this decision in the company’s coming to these days is enormous.

We are one of the biggest players in our sector in Turkey and absolute leader in our region.

In our 15.000 square meter indoor store area which we serve in European standards, we continue to give service to our precious customers with more than 8000 type of products, more than 60 qualified employees, more than 30 transport vehicles and with perfect service network all over Turkey especially in villages, towns and cities around Bursa.

As Sezgin Güney Inc. we want you to know that we are in an effort to provide better with safer and better quality to all our customers.

Yours sincerely,